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Androgen, testosterone, dominance, aggression, competition, antisocial behavior Abstract In men, high levels of endogenous testosterone T seem to encourage behavior lookung intended to dominate -- to enhance one's status over -- other people. Sometimes dominant behavior is aggressive, its apparent intent being to inflict harm on another person, but often dominance is expressed nonaggressively. Sometimes dominant behavior takes the form of antisocial behavior, including rebellion against authority and law breaking.

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We may distinguish actions, whether by ourselves or others, that are intended to dominate, or to injure, or to do both to a target person. Ruback, R. Breedlove, and D.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy

The hormone has a circadian rhythm in both sexes, highest and most variable in the morning, lower and more stable during the afternoon Dabbs Sanford, B. But when we study humans -- our focal species here -- it would be naively behavioristic to deny our ability to read people's intentions, a skill that is the very basis for human sociability see Gopnik This is not simply a matter of a dominant man taking Sbumissive he wants; women regard men who look dominant as attractive Townsend Hughes, F.

I can't wait to get on my knees for you like a good sub. Four scales measured forms of aggressiveness, and a fifth measured antisocial behavior.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy

According to our model of dominance contests Mazur; Brinkerhoff and Bootha psychophysiological mechanism operating across this range of competition is the manipulation of stress levels. Teenage men rated by naive judges as having "dominant looking" faces often with prominent chins, heavy brow ridges, muscular looling than fleshy or skinny faces report copulating earlier than their submissive-looking peers, presumably in part because they have an easier time finding willing partners Mazur et al.

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The mammalian fetus of both XX and XY individuals begins with undifferentiated sexual parts. Udry, J. We leave as an important but subsidiary question why men sometimes dominate with intent to harm. Knussman, R.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy

One possibility is that winners are soon likely to face other challengers; the high T may prepare them for this eventuality. Going further, basal hormone level is regarded as a prima facie cause of any post-adolescent behavior that it predicts, especially if the effect persists after looling for alternate explanations. The matter thus settled, the yielder usually avoids further eye contact, though the winner may occasionally look at the loser as if to verify his victory.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy

Measurement of T at a single point in time, presumably indicative of a man's basal T level, predicts many of these dominant or antisocial behaviors. Unfortunately these findings, based on data measured at a single point in time, cannot tell us whether the men with marital and other difficulties always had relatively high T, as assumed in the basal model, or if discord surrounding their problems produced elevated T, which in turn exacerbated the discord, as assumed in the reciprocal model.

Androgen, testosterone, dominance, aggression, competition, antisocial behavior Abstract In men, high levels of endogenous testosterone T seem Granny swinger Walton-on-the-Naze encourage behavior apparently intended to dominate -- to enhance one's status over -- other people.


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Harris, J. The reciprocal linkage between hormones and behavior suggests that if T levels among young men in the inner city are heightened by their constant defensive posture against challenge, then these high hormone levels in turn encourage further dominance contests.

Similarly, T among prisoners dropped after admission to an incarceration program modeled after military boot camp Thompson et al. Billy, N.

Of course, T is also affected by the outcome of the contest, so persistent losers might be hormonally depressed, Subimssive most men -- those with mixed outcomes or better -- should have elevated T. Howard, R. The experimenter explained that each member of this pair could, by pushing an appropriate button, reduce the cash that would be paid to his opposite.

First, T lookinng shortly before chess matches Mazur et al. We share doubts expressed by Archer and Albert et al.

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Not only does T affect dominance, but changes in fuy behavior or in social status cause changes in T level Rose et al. Bain, J. Naftolin, F.

The literature does contain reports of castrated men who continue sexual relations in varying degrees -- sometimes approaching normality -- without T replacement Carter Bagatell, C. For the delinquent sample overall, the investigators conclude, relationships between T and their behavioral Submissvie personality variables are small in degree Mattsson et al.

Cross-cultural Psychology.

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Finally, when the stress is too great for one, he switches from dominant to deferential actions, thereby relieving his stress and simultaneously aling his acceptance of the lower rank. Judd, R. Cutler, and G.