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Chandler: Hey!

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If you do want to get things done quickly, that's totally doable.

Since Vegas has so many options, from a Frank Sinatra impersonator wedding to the ballroom wedding at the Bellagio Hotelyou'll be sure to find something you love. Ross: Listen, I know you wanted to talk to me, but I have an idea that may make you want to stay married.

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Joey: An annulment? Money please. I-I am not gonna be that guy! Rachel: Oh my God. Monica: Wait a minute. Ross: What?!

She closes the partition. As long as you're keeping your wedding authentic to you and your partner, it's sure to be a moment you'll remember forever. So, what do Leys think we should do? We register, and you get to keep all the presents! Ross is as surprised to hear this as she is.

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That guy's finally gonna be able to put in that pool. Phoebe: Well, you promised me a fun road trip!

Ross: I don't know. We are switching at the next rest stop and you are going to drive all the way back! Ross: And as my wife I think you should grant me this favor. Pause Wanna go pack? Ross: Wow! Phoebe: Yes you do!

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Chandler: Well, I think, I think, Ross already has one. In addition to seeing the sights, make sure to plan a good, hearty brunch for the day after. Come on Joey!

Rachel glares at him. Monica: Rach! Monica: I know I love you! Rachel: Hey, hubby!

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Rachel: And I will make everyone call me Mrs. Jitched, I came up with an analogy about a little goldfish in a pond that freezes over in the winter but then I realized that was more of a story about what to do when people pick on you. Chandler: not quite sure You did. Last night I rolled a hard eight. Chandler: Are we gonna talk about what you guys did last night?

Having a clear idea of what you want your big day to be like is key to getting what you want, she says. Monica: Ready?

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What do you mean last night? Maybe we should leave it up to fate again. Use them wisely. Hitchhiker: No!

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All right. Do you want an elegant, detailed ceremony? Joey: wakes up What?!

You go back to sleep! Yeah, actually um, I wanted to talk to you about that whole annulment thing? Ross invited us all to watch. Whether you're a huge fan of the city's bustling atmosphere or you and your spouse just want to get hitched on short notice, with a little research and thought, you can have the best Vegas wedding you can imagine.

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Looks at Ross. Phoebe: Do you like car games?

Rachel: slightly hits Ross What is the matter with you?! This is so amazing. Rachel: Okay! But don't let anyone kill your vibe.